Polish folk tale
dictionaryed. Violetta Wróblewska

ISBN 978-83-231-4473-1
ilustracja il. Kacper Żelechowski, [w:] Antonina Domańska, Przy kominku. Opowieści fantastyczne dla młodzieży, Księgarnia D. E. Friedleina, Kraków 1911, s. 88/89.

About the project

The project is devoted to the Polish folk tale, it's tradition, subject, form, the most popular plots, motives and the most significant creators and researchers. The purpose of this project is to create 'The Dictionary of the Polish folk tales' which will include entries, that make a synthetic view of the traditional Polish folk tales in the understanding of literature and culture research. Published and unpublished folk tales from various regions of Poland mainly from the 19th and 20th century are the basis of the Dictionary. Project is realized at the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun at the Folklore Studies and Popular Literature Section, Department of Cultural Studies (

Head of the research project:
Violetta Wróblewska -
Folklore Studies and Popular Literature Section, Department of Cultural Studies NCU -

We are very proud to inaugurate our website devoted to the Polish folk tales! We encourage you to follow the information about next steps in the development of the folk tales dictionary, workshops, conferences and lectures. We also encourage you to read the entries and unpublished folk tales obtained from the national ethnographic museums in Kolbuszowa, Cracow, Rzeszow, Torun, Warsaw and the archive of Polish Ethnological Society in Wroclaw. We would like to thank all our museum partners very much! Welcome!